9 Best Transportation Management and Logistics Software (TMS) in 2023

Logistics and transportation software companies provide tools to help logistics providers, freight forwarders, air, land and sea freight companies, exporters, importers and all those involved in supply chain management (SCM) to reduce errors and improve efficiency.

But with so many different products on the market, selecting the right logistics system is a challenge.

At softwarepara.net we have created this checklist to help you select a logistics system that works for your company.

What is the best logistics and transportation software?

The demand for software in this sector has led to the development of various offers on the market. We present 9 programs, among which you will surely find the one that best suits your business.

1. Mecalux 3PL: the logistics software focused on customer satisfaction

Mecalux has been designed with the perspective of customer service and the satisfaction of their preferences and needs. This logistics program allows the customization of operations, according to the requirements of each customer.

What are its outstanding features?
  • It integrates customer management, stock ownership management, control and custody of products. The information is always available in real time.
  • The operator has a detailed control of the logistics of its customers, processes and times required by them.
  • It allows to manage shipments through different transport agencies.
  • The traceability of the stock is done in a comfortable and simple way.
  • It is possible to manage the logistics of a multi-warehouse company. It integrates the warehouse management software function.
Mecalux is characterized by its high quality and efficiency standards. It increases performance, improves the work system and minimizes errors and problems. Result: satisfied customers and assured profitability.

Web: mecalux.es

2. Quonext: transport and logistics software that adapts to all companies in the sector.

The experience of the developers endorses this logistics program. Its multiple functionalities allow the optimization of processes. It enables the integrated management of the different areas of the company.

Outstanding functionalities:
  • Allows the control, monitoring and management of stock, inputs and outputs in warehouses.
  • TMS Software through Microsoft Dynamics NAV
  • Controls transportation up to the delivery address. As fleet management software it is excellent.
  • It integrates the cross-docking function, which manages the goods according to their recipient. This avoids unnecessary space occupation in the warehouse.
  • It has radio frequency scanning.
  • Manages deliveries on behalf of third parties.
  • Speeds up and avoids errors in picking and order preparation.
  • Automates invoicing, collection and payment processes.
  • Optimizes the management of routes, vehicles and loads.
Quonext favors the competitiveness of your company, with support in three bases: optimization in all the management, reduction of costs and agility of the operation.

Web: quonext.com

3. Exact: software focused on distribution

The goal of a distribution company is to achieve good profit margins and remain competitive in the market. This is precisely what Exact does.

What are the benefits of installing Exact?
  • It brings together the company's logistical, administrative and financial processes in a single system. It avoids errors in the transmission of information, as all staff work with the same data.
  • Reduces costs thanks to intelligent stock management.
  • Generates reports and notifications that can be configured according to your needs.
  • Facilitates mobility, as it can be hosted on your own server or in a private cloud.
With Exact's logistics software, you always have a complete overview of inventory status, orders and returns, all in real time and always up to date.

Web: exact.com

4. SAP Transportation Management: TMS Software for large enterprises

Although SAP ERP is known internationally as a complete program for business management, it is also successful in the management of the transportation area. As a result, more and more SMEs and large companies are deciding to implement this logistics software to increase their productivity in the shortest possible time.

What are the functionalities of SAP?

Strategic freight management

  • Integrates simulators that facilitate analysis and projections.
  • Optimizes the process from quotation to contract, with automated rate determination.
Order management
  • Allows synchronization of orders in the schedule to meet customer demands on time.
Transportation planning
  • Plans the best routing for deliveries, based on maps and background information.
  • Allows monitoring and tracking of merchandise.
Analytics and reports
  • Generates reports for decision making.
  • Interactive dashboard to evaluate costs, allowing collaborative work.
  • Determines the most convenient combinations for economy in routes and carriers.
The potential of SAP's transportation software allows you to keep track of freight transportation, quantify the available fleet, track each vehicle, calculate transportation costs, or monitor storage facilities. Not to mention advanced tools that cover everything from finance to human resources.

Web: sap.com

5. Elfos Software: a 100% usable logistics program

Elfos Software specializes in transportation, logistics and distribution. More than 30 years in the market guarantee the success of its use.

What does Elfos Software offer?
  • Customer satisfaction with a solution adapted to their needs.
  • Intuitive and easy to use management software that covers all the needs of the company.
  • Reliable and secure tools that do not fail.
  • Permanent updating in accordance with legal and regulatory developments.
  • Personalized user support service.
What are its outstanding functionalities?

  • Traceability of packages from the point of departure to the point of arrival with customer-enabled control.
  • Route and distribution planning.
  • Location and interaction with the vehicle fleet through its TMS software.
Logistics and warehousing
  • Program for logistics operations, order preparation, modular stock control system.
  • Batch management.
  • Documentation printing.
Elfos Transport and Logistics Software integrates the management of all company operations in a single program. Agreements with the State Foundation for Employment Training allow free access to Elfos and training courses for employees.

Web: elfossoftware.com

6. BeOne: the scalable and secure software for logistics and transport

BeOne consists of modules that can be integrated with each other to support business development. It is presented structured in five modules, each of which enables a functionality.

BeOne modules:

Cloud Service and Software

Cloud hosting allows BeOne to be used on Smartphone and Tablet anywhere.

Transportation Software (TMS)

Enables operational management of air, sea and land sectors.


Controls all warehouse operations and the movement of goods.

Enterprise Software

This is the module that includes the control of accounting management, customs operations, document management, electronic archiving, electronic data interchange and radio frequency.

Management Control

Strengthens customer relationships and ensures customer loyalty and satisfaction.

BeOne has the support of the developer company, Nova Systems, integrated by a team of first class professionals.

Web: beoneclous.es

7. b first: the ERP for logistics operators and freight forwarders

_b first provides a state-of-the-art technological solution to optimize the sector's processes. It is a software developed by Bytemaster that concentrates all logistic operations in one tool.

Functionalities of _b first:

Traffic Area
  • Management of import and export air operations and all associated documentation.
  • Control of land transport operations, containers, full truck and groupage.
  • Management of maritime operations, FCL and LCL containers.
  • Air courier. Air parcel distribution tool.
Customs Area
  • Electronic management of customs and tax agency formalities.
  • Tool permanently updated to current regulations.
Warehouse and warehouse
  • Real-time information on warehouse stock. Allows the traceability of inputs, outputs, picking and packing.
Other outstanding features of _b first:
  • It is multi-language and multi-currency.
  • Parameterizable and adaptable to each user.
  • Multiple searches with a wide range of filters.
  • Wireless Internet solutions that facilitate the mobility of operators.
Web: bytemaster.es

8. Alamo

As a transportation software, Alamo stands out for the simplicity of use of its interface, which is what many users are looking for nowadays. It even has a professional technical team available at any time to assist those who make use of its platform. Its functions not only cover transportation, but also warehouse logistics.

For this reason, with Alamo you can manage stock on hand, track merchandise and replenish inventory. As a TMS software, you can manage transportation routes, track trips, display the status of documentation required for shipments, and manage the fleet of vehicles and drivers. Alamo is a very good recommendation for you to have control of all operations.

Web: mialamo.com

9. IBM Sterling Logistics Management

IBM Sterling is a logistics software that can control a large number of internal processes. It is designed as a comprehensive tool with which you can manage the documentation required for the transportation of goods, implement safety standards and monitor the transfer of products from one warehouse to another.

IBM also has the ability to correct and optimize administrative, financial, customer relationship and human resources processes.

Web: ibm.com


Technology is the great auxiliary of any company. The use of transportation and logistics software updates management and improves competitiveness and productivity in an industry that is highly sensitive to customer interactions.