5 best billing software for business in 2022

Managing invoices and handling customer payments is one of the most important tasks that every business performs on a regular basis. This process can be simplified if you use invoicing software.

What is an invoicing software?

It is a technological tool that manages to automate the creation, issuance and tracking of company invoices through reports, also facilitates administrative procedures and automates the management of receipts, budgets and invoices.

All in a real-time view of the status of the accounts with the objective of facilitating the manager to make more informed decisions about the business.

Invoicing software features

The best invoicing software must have certain features to be of great use for your company, here are some characteristics that you should take into account when you are looking for options.

  • It has to be a very intuitive program, easy to use and easy to teach to the staff that will be using it.
  • It must be very complete, covering each and every one of the company's invoicing needs.
  • It must be flexible, so that it can be adapted to all types of companies.
  • Modularity should also be valued. This will ensure that the program can continue to be of great use if the company develops and evolves.
  • It is convenient that it is multiplatform so that it can be accessed from any device and location.
  • In short, the more adaptable and flexible the software is, the better it will be to be able to use it without any restriction; it would be useless if it is not a useful solution that helps to optimize processes and to transform the company's invoicing into a much more efficient and pleasant area.
An important feature to always look for is that the program is customizable, this will allow you to capture your corporate identity in each invoice issued.

You must take into account that there are two ways to acquire a software, buy a prefabricated one and a custom-made one to find the most suitable software for your company, you must make a deep analysis of the characteristics of your organization and establish clear objectives.

From those objectives you must prioritize the functionalities of the tool you are looking for, if after finishing the analysis you come to the conclusion that there is a software that can cover at least 80% of the functions that your company needs, then it is advisable to acquire that tool.

I recommend you to read our blog article "Develop a custom software or buy ready-made?" to make the best decision.

  • Types of invoicing software
  • Online invoicing software: It is a cloud-based tool that can be accessed from any device with an Internet connection.
  • On-premise solution: requires installation on the user's computer or on the company's servers.
  • Free invoicing program: software that can be used at no cost, with some limitations on the number of invoices or customers.
  • Invoice payment software: software owned by a supplier with exclusive rights over management, marketing and updates.
  • Tailor-made program: It is the one that was developed exclusively for your company, you have the exclusive rights to the software and it meets all the needs of your company.

The 5 best invoicing software for companies


QuickBooks is the most widely used accounting software in the world, which facilitates a unified tracking of any company's finances, secures the accounting work and makes it more efficient.

This software sorts accounting information using lists and real-time records of any accounting movement.

This allows you to know exactly the current state of your finances and to track in detail any income or expense that happens in your company.

This kind of visibility is what allows small, medium and large businesses to make strategic decisions in real time and continuously improve.

The main features of QuickBooks:

Sorts and unifies customer, vendor, employee and any other necessary category information.
Records all income and expenses in real time.

Generates accounting reports that allow visibility and traceability of your finances.

Includes access roles to define permissions to add or modify information.

QuickBooks is ideal for medium-sized companies that are growing and adapting to the market, as well as for companies that have several small or medium-sized subsidiaries. It can also be used by one-person businesses and many large companies trust their accounting to QuickBooks.


Holded is a software that concentrates in a single platform all the management of the company. It has a very intuitive design, focused on usability and usefulness, making business operations simplified, invoicing, accounting, projects, CRM and inventory management are streamlined with this ERP. The automation of processes reduces the risks that occur as a result of the human factor.

The main features of Holded

1 All the advantages of the programs within the reach of any user, with no need for knowledge in the accounting area.

2 Enables the control of the entire commercial process, from the quotation, delivery note and invoice to the consolidation of the collection.

3 Facilitates the management of the suppliers' area, their invoices, due dates and payments.

4 Allows you to create customized invoices in every detail, with brand image, logo and corporate colors, important for corporate identity.

5 Immediate and real-time access to business accounting, financial statement reports and traceability.

6 Create accounting entries in an agile way. Configure journal and general ledger, profit and loss account, and balance sheets.

3- Zuora

This software is able to manage invoices for entrepreneurs, it is a specialist **** in the automation of subscription revenue management.

Zuora allows you to manage your prices as you want, launch a new product easily, invoice your customers and collect your revenue.

The software also allows you to measure your activity quickly to better manage your business. This tool aims to centralize all customer knowledge in a collaborative platform.

It has more than 20 different payment methods. You can make movements in different currencies, focused on any financial model. It is a very flexible and adaptable program.

Zuora's main functions

  • One-time and recurring payments.
  • Invoice management.
  • Configuration of packages and subscriptions in any desired currency. This function allows you to create offers truly adapted to your customers and to benefit from a structuring framework (unit prices, invoicing mode, dates and deadlines, subscription triggers, discounts, VAT, etc.).
  • Management of up-selling and cross-selling opportunities.
  • Management of all sales channels: partners, e-commerce platform, direct sales, etc.
  • Online payment through any type of payment method : Visa, MasterCard, bank transfer, etc.
  • Dashboards and reports: tracking MRC (monthly recurring revenue), retention, churn, CMRR. These indicators help maximize revenue and reduce churn.
  • Segmenting to identify risk patterns and launch recovery or escalation actions. It is possible to notify the account manager when a pattern change is observed (segment entry or exit).

Allows you to issue electronic invoices in a very simple way that you can send to your customers via email. In addition, it allows you to easily manage your own inventory and warehouse.

The stock control provided by this digital tool gives the user the possibility to have absolute traceability of each product.

The main features of Factusol

  • Multiple users: Factusol allows you to create different users with different access levels.
  • Multi warehouse management: To inventory everything according to its location.
  • Local network operation: If you prefer the security of your servers.
  • MS-Acces databases: You will have a universal standard format with Microsoft's guarantee.
  • Access control by user: So that you know who does what within your business.
  • Automatic backup copies.
  • Document traceability: So that nothing gets lost.
  • Compatible with 1kB CODE: To handle data and information quickly and without errors.
  • Program adapted to Spanish legislation: So you will be sure that you are not failing to comply with any of your duties.

Vuzoon is much more than a **** invoicing program **** It is a very complete software with which you can make invoices, orders, budgets and scan invoices received with its advanced OCR reader.

Invoices with Vuzoon can be customized, you can add your colors, logo, forms of payment, etc.. You will be able to access your invoices whenever and wherever you want. This digital tool is mainly aimed at SMEs and freelancers; its main advantage is that it is completely free.

The main novelty is that it has an international standard for exchanging documents with customers, suppliers and logistics operators. EDI, inter-company communication of commercial documents in a standard format.

The main functions of Vuzoon

  • Create invoices in 30 seconds. With Vuzoon you can create your invoices in less than a minute and your customers will receive them instantly. Fast, simple and efficient.
  • Invoicing software. Vuzoon is a 100% free cloud-based business management software. Manage invoices, products, customers, suppliers, catalogs and much more.
  • Import your invoices. Up to 10 times faster than manual management. Thanks to our OCR you can automate the extraction of data from invoices received.
  • Manage your business from anywhere Create, send, receive and manage the documentation of your customers and suppliers in a single place. Access at any time from anywhere.