Scholarships to study in Switzerland in 2024 - ETH Zurich

The Excellence Scholarship & Opportunity Programme (ESOP) is a scholarship opportunity for studying in Switzerland that students can apply for to further their academic careers abroad. ETH Zurich attracts bright minds from Switzerland and around the world. These scholarships for studying in Switzerland offered by this master's degree provide students with hands-on exposure by becoming an integral part of a diverse community of intellectuals.

The ETH Zurich Excellence Scholarship in Switzerland further supports candidates in enhancing their knowledge by engaging in various academic activities under the mentorship of top-rated supervisors. Additionally, it also assists students with a network from the ETH Foundation. In this way, the institute is propelled towards achieving its core values and mission.

These scholarships for studying in Switzerland provide their students with individual freedom, responsibility, an open mindset, and an entrepreneurial spirit. These are cardinal components of genuine Swiss values that ETH Zurich has upheld since its establishment in 1885. It is considered the hub of innovation and knowledge exchange. Furthermore, university students have an ideal environment that supports independent thinking and fosters high performance.

ETH Zurich University regularly features on international university ranking lists as one of the top international universities in the heart of Europe. This leading university in Switzerland is seen as a central point connecting continents worldwide. The institute's research primacy is framed to address the global challenges of the world at large and Switzerland in particular.

These scholarships for studying in Switzerland for international students funded by ETH Zurich aim to make their global positioning worthwhile. The utilization of existing resources and the accumulation of additional skills and abilities support new and unconventional approaches in academia, research, and teaching.

Study Location


Academic Level

Master's Degree

Fields of Study

These scholarships for studying in Switzerland apply to master's programs at ETH Zurich, offered by the different schools:

1. Architecture and Civil Engineering

2. Engineering Sciences

3. Natural Sciences and Mathematics

4. System-oriented Natural Sciences

5. Management and Social Sciences

Mode of Study



English and Swiss German.

Most master's programs at ETH Zurich are taught in English; some require proficiency in both English and German; and some are taught in German. The language skills required for each master's program are listed in the application documents section.

Duration of Scholarship

The duration of scholarships in Switzerland for studying at ETH Zurich varies according to the chosen master's program.

Benefits of Scholarships in Switzerland

Scholarships for studying in Switzerland awarded by ETH Zurich cover all study and living expenses during the master's course.

• Candidates will receive living and study expenses (approximately 12,000 CHF per semester).

• Candidates will receive a tuition fee waiver.

Applications are assessed by the Admission Committees of the respective Master's programs. The final decision to award these scholarships in Switzerland under the Excellence Scholarship & Opportunity Programme lies with the Rector of ETH Zurich.