9 Best project management software for your business in 2023

A project management program is a software that helps users and employees of a business to improve the operation and productivity of any project and the company.

Below, we show you the best and most recommended project management tools and tell you how they help to improve organization and productivity.

What is a project management software?

A project management software is a tool that allows us to have a global vision of the business and establishes a more fluid collaboration framework between users, in addition, it must be used to know how to manage a project.

A project management system allows you to create different projects and assign tasks to each of the employees or users, whose progress can be seen in the calendar and allows you to check that deadlines are being met.

The advantages offered by a project management program are:

  • · They facilitate communication between users and the exchange of documents.
  • · It increases internal collaboration within the company.
  • · Assigns tasks and follows up on them.
  • · Optimizes employee productivity.
  • · It offers a global vision of the project's progress.
  • · Reduces costs when elaborating a project.
  • · Generates reports for future projects.
Companies that should use project management software

Companies that should incorporate a project management software are consulting firms and service provider companies, so that they can obtain great operational and financial results.

The reasons why a project management system should be implemented are as follows:

1.- When a company implements a single management system, it allows users to have all the information in one place, in addition, it improves internal planning and coordination between teams, which improves decision making and allows to know if the specific objectives are being achieved.

2.- They can be consulted from anywhere and at any time, especially for project managers who are not usually in the office, therefore, allows you to check the status of the project from any device.

3.- Work teams increase their productivity and efficiency, becoming more professional teams, in addition, they improve the image perceived by customers.

4.- Reduces billing errors, since they convert the hours spent on each project into receipts, as charges that have not been issued.

5.- Guarantees that the project is executed within the agreed budget and the established deadline, managing to control the costs thanks to the monitoring of the projects.

6.- Resources are controlled for the correct development of the projects.

7.- It allows to anticipate any adverse situation, and even predict possible errors in time to avoid them.

What is the best project management software?

Let's see below which are the best project management tools, grouped between classic, "all-in-one" and professional.


It is a software for agile project management, which combines, in a single platform, project management using the SCRUM framework or working with Kanban boards. This platform allows users to collaborate from anywhere, maintaining communication between members of different teams.

It allows prioritizing tasks, knowing the workload of users, receiving notifications via email, as well as implementing the Scrum process with its Backlog, PBI, Sprints and Releases, among many more features that help manage projects with agility.

Ideal for all departments of a company, since, by combining these two agile methodologies, both the department that needs to manage SCRUM projects and the one that needs to work with Kanban boards, find in DoneTonic a single solution.


It is an application used to manage tasks in a simple way, which allows you to organize group work collaboratively, establishing a list of tasks on virtual boards.

It is perfect for project management, since it can be shared with other people who are part of the same project, in addition, it improves the work routines of a team by generating priorities for their organization.


It is a cloud platform designed to facilitate project management, where the team works remotely and with specific tasks.

Its goal is to unify the overall management of work in one place, organizing the tasks of each member.

It is like a simplified spreadsheet that allows you to know what are the weekly tasks to be performed and know the status of the project in real time, also defines priorities, measures performance and manages work productively and efficiently.


It is a tool that allows you to manage the tasks of a project, in addition to connecting the entire work team for better communication, organization and planning.

It has an intuitive and friendly interface that is defined as the modern way to work together, since its creators sought the best way to unite all team members to meet the proposed objectives.

All in one


Wrike is effective for teams that need greater visibility in their work, or for teams that work remotely because they cannot meet face-to-face.

Currently, due to the rise of telecommuting, it has become a very useful tool for many professionals who have needed to work remotely.

One of its main advantages is that it improves the productivity of your work, because each member of the team will be informed about each project and its progress.


It is a useful collaborative tool for work teams, which organizes projects in a simple and efficient way.

It is characterized by the simplification of work methods and because it favors the fluid circulation of information among employees, since everything is in the same place and it is not necessary to go to other external data sources.


This application is more than just task management, since it offers documents, reminders, objectives, calendars, planning, etc., to all project users.

It is customizable and works for any type of team, so it can be used to plan, organize and collaborate.

Professionals and part of a larger suite

Microsoft Project

MSP is a digital tool used to plan and control projects, it was launched in 1998, and since then it has continued to evolve and improve.

It offers to promote productivity among the work team, reduces time and organizes tasks.

With this project management system you avoid delays and ensure that projects are delivered on time, on schedule.

Zoho Projects

This online project management software allows you to plan and track a project at all times.

Create and assign tasks for employees and external collaborators.

You get to optimize the time of each phase of the project, being more efficient with your company's resources.

Free project management software

As we have explained in the previous sections, these tools allow you to manage the tasks that are executed, as well as the time it takes to develop them.

Some of these project management tools are free, for example, Trello offers you a free version, where you can create boards, task lists, users and upload up to 10 megabytes in your files.

Also DoneTonic offers a free version for up to 5 users and with unlimited number of Scrum projects and Kanban boards.

Another tool is Slack, which allows you to send messages and files, it will not be necessary to have its add-ons to use it in your project.

Finally, Asana is another intuitive and easy to use application, since you can control the workflow of your project at all times, it has a hierarchical view, dividing it into tasks, with teams overseeing the projects.

In short, there is no doubt that implementing a project management program in a company offers you greater planning, scheduling and control, it is the solution to know precisely the development of each project and achieve the objectives successfully.