The basics about DataCore SANsymphony V 10

A pioneer in storage virtualization, DataCore has been continuously improving its SANsymphony-V software over the last 15 years. Originally designed to be installed in front of existing storage arrays, the software allows administrators to build redundant storage configurations (with the ability to fail-over , high availability, and disaster recovery scenarios ) by reusing their storage. existing, whether on servers or SAN arrays.

In its latest version, SANsymphony-V10 can build configurations with up to 64 nodes capable of managing up to 32 Po storage and deliver tens of millions of IOPS, says the manufacturer.

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The software has a wide range of storage services ( thin provisioning , Tiering , QoS management, asynchronous and synchronous replication , CDP, snapshot , cloning) that only lacks online deduplication .

In most cases, the firm's customers deploy the software on the servers of their choice, often with the assistance of an editor partner. The firm offers a list of hardware compatibility that ensures the smooth running of its offer on the main servers on the market.

Since 2014, Datacore has also been working with some manufacturers to market its software as ready-to-use appliances. The first to work with the publisher was Fujitsu, now joined by Lenovo.

Recently, the publisher has focused on performance by optimizing its software to take advantage of the parallelism of modern multicore processors. "On modern machines, in which there are several processor cores, I / O operations are often serialized and take advantage of only one core or few cores. This creates a bottleneck that affects performance, "explains Pascal Le Cunff, DataCore's sales manager for France and Southern Europe.

The latest update to SANsymphony-V 10 (SP4) embeds technology that makes it possible to take advantage of all the cores of the controllers by parallelizing the I / O on all the cores present.

The result is simply bluffing: in the spring of 2016, a standard Lenovo 2U server, equipped with Xeon E5v3 CPUs with 14 cores each, 544 GB of RAM and 16 SSD drives, SANsymphony reached a score of 489,291 IOPS at the SPC benchmark -1 (with a latency of 0.32 ms). This score puts this modest hardware configuration right behind the IBM Storwize V7000 array , but in front of high-end arrays like IBM DS8870, HPE 3PAR P10000, and EMC VNX8000 .

More recently, a high availability configuration with two synchronous Fiber Channel synchronous nodes has reduced the average response time by over 30% to 0.22 ms and increased performance to 1.2 million. IOPS benchmark SPC-1 (at a price of around 10 cents per IOPS).

Over the last 18 months, Datacore has also evolved its solution to multiply the deployment scenarios. The SANsymphony technology is now available as a virtual appliance (VSAN) that can be deployed alongside VMware vSphere to build hyperconverged infrastructures that take full advantage of the software's capabilities, including support for the technology. VVOLs from VMware.