CRM Commercial Agenda: 5 tips for perfect management

The CRM business agenda has become a key tool for many salespeople. It records team meetings, training attendance and, perhaps most importantly, customer visits.

The digitization of the sales process has impacted and transformed the work of salespeople. In a short time we have moved from paper-based management to the use of applications that increase productivity and automate the work. It can be said that the appearance of CRM has meant a before and after in the agent's daily work. But, as with any IT solution, taking advantage of all the possibilities it offers depends a lot on the user's organizational capacity.

So that you can "squeeze" the commercial agenda of your CRM like a real professional, I offer you 5 easy tricks to follow and implement in your daily routine.

5 Tips to take advantage of CRM's commercial agenda

I assume that we are all clear about the concept of CRM, and the many advantages it brings us in sales. I propose what, in my experience, are the 5 secrets to get the most out of the CRM sales agenda.

1. Spend some time each week planning and scheduling appointments.

As in any other field, planning is a basic element to obtain the maximum benefits, using the minimum resources. A well optimized and planned agenda will save time, travel and a lot of headaches. With the CRM commercial agenda, you can group visits by areas thanks to geolocation tools, schedule the times that benefit you most, and thus save those precious minutes that we value so much at the end of our day.

On the other hand, customers will appreciate punctuality and formality, and you will never leave that customer hanging, nor will you ever have to go through the bad experience of having to inform them that you have to cancel your visit due to "a last minute unforeseen event". Think about the possibilities offered by a correct organization of the agenda thanks to CRM, and explore the tools that it puts at your disposal. You can even find free CRMs on the market with all the functionalities.

2. Prepare visits to potential customers

Does your customer need to place a large order, or does he need to pay two outstanding invoices during this visit? Trusting that everything will magically work out when you get to your visit may work for you with a low volume of customers, or with customers you have been working with for years, but if you work with a large number of customers, or simply want to be methodical to improve your workflow, rely on the tools that the CRM agenda puts at your disposal.

Choose each client, prepare the visit, mark in the CRM business agenda the time of the visit, the subject you discussed in the previous appointment and the aspects that were left pending. Make your agenda work for you, and let it notify you of that invoice that was left in the air, the product that did not arrive or any doubt that may arise... In short: Go to your appointment with your homework done.

3. Take advantage of the information recorded in CRM

The acronym CRM (Customer Relationship Management) already indicates its raison d'être: Customer Relationship Management. You should not underestimate the possibilities that this software offers. You can analyze their previous interactions with customer service, study the needs they have expressed, orders previously placed, their reactions to any marketing campaign, etc. CRM resources are enormous, explore the application and learn its secrets... IT IS A SAFE INVESTMENT that will help you enormously in your day-to-day business.

4. Make reports after visits

You finish your visit and return to your vehicle, the office is still far away, and the notes are piled up on paper on the passenger seat... Sound familiar? We've all been through those moments, and in those conditions, we lose feedback with the customer, we forget to write down essential information, or doubts that have arisen, or that special order... Take a few minutes after the visit to make a report. The multiple tools of the CRM Commercial Agenda allow you to make a hot report right at the end of the visit, even take notes on the fly that are recorded instantly in the system. In just a few minutes you will have all the information noted down, updated and ready to take advantage of it. Do not underestimate the importance of these reports, after dozens of visits a day, you will appreciate it.

5. Optimize and segment your commercial agenda

And finally, a tip on the use of the CRM commercial agenda that you probably do not know, and that can be really useful. In marketing, and that includes relationship marketing, you learn to segment your audience, so that you can offer everyone what they are looking for in a product. Learn to read the data in the agenda and segment them to be able to offer your visitors that new product that they probably don't know but they need. Is your customer profile more classic, or more jovial, are they entrepreneurs just landed, or consolidated businessmen who value the face-to-face treatment? Label and group the contacts in the CRM agenda and take advantage of it in each of your visits.

Anticipate the needs of each of your customers, and follow up on each of them in detail. Learn how to reward your good customers, and interpret why another is dissatisfied. As they say, information is power, and your CRM AGENDA can be really useful in this regard.