The best waste management and recycling programs

What is waste management software?

It is a computer program that centralizes the management of all activities related to the waste cycle. It facilitates the control of logistics from the time the waste is generated until it is recycled or discarded.

What are its advantages?

Waste management is a topical issue, controlled by different regulations. Laws have been issued to regulate it and establish the conditions under which it must be handled. Waste management software saves time and avoids problems. It allows the entire waste cycle, its recycling, reuse or disposal to be permanently in view.

What types of waste can be managed with a waste management software? These programs cover a wide range of waste, from sanitary and bio-sanitary waste to radioactive, electrical and electronic waste. It is a very useful tool that allows you to dedicate your time and efforts to optimize productivity.

Best waste management software

1. Now, a waste management software with extensive experience in the market.

This tool is especially useful for recycling companies. It allows to manage the treatment and transformation of waste with information on processes and results. It generates an annual report in which the comparative of the purchase and sale of waste for processing linked to each client is visualized. In this way, it personalizes the service. It has functionalities that manage different types of treatment according to the characteristics of the waste. It controls the collection and transfer of waste and the different outputs of processed products and final waste.

It is a waste management program to manage the internal dynamics of the company. It keeps memory of machines out of operation and under repair and performs personnel attendance control. It integrates automatic accounting, bookkeeping, bank reconciliations and balance sheets.

2. Teixo, Teimas' waste management program

With no licensing costs or special equipment for installation, Teixo is an effective waste management software. It helps waste producers and transporters to effectively control their processes.

Teixo integrates a CRM that works to build customer loyalty (What is CRM?). It enables the tracking of contacts with suppliers, customers, carriers and other agents linked to the company. All the data of each company or person who maintains relations with the company is available on screen with a single click. Manages the business life of the staff: presence, leaves, sickness, productivity.

Its records allow real-time reporting. Teixo's tools reflect the complete traceability of the entire waste management process. It generates labels at the time of entry, weight, identification of customers and collaborators, it also has multi-company labeling. It is very user-friendly and easy to use.

3. Seinto, the scalable software for waste management

Seinto is a system that contributes to systematize and simplify the waste treatment processes. It includes all the essential stages of quality management. It has been developed with modern concepts and aligned with current legal regulations. It adjusts to all sizes of companies, and offers support with fast technological solutions adapted to each need.

It is a waste management program built in modules that cover all areas. Accounting, purchasing, sales, stock, definition and control of each step in the process, everything is centralized in Seinto. It integrates reliable control of waste collection routes, waste weighing, container control, and telematic documentation. It includes load and container geolocation devices. Its functionalities allow for cash counts for the control of operations.

4. IECSWaste, endorsed by a large number of opinions from the sector.

It is a waste management software that is based on experience and on regulatory and legal provisions. IECSWaste offers a global, modular and scalable solution that adapts to the requirements of each company. It takes into account all processes, whatever the type of activity. It manages Collection and Transfer Center (CTR), Transformation and Valorization and Preparation for Reuse.

IECSWaste controls the entire logistical cycle of the waste. From collection to final disposal, all processes are automated and controlled. The commercial management instances are linked to invoicing, accounting and taxation, saving time on routine or repeated tasks.

The IECSWaste waste management program requires no special equipment or installations, as it is 100% web-based. It improves business performance and customer satisfaction.

5. Ecogestor, multilingual and online waste management program

Ecogestor is characterized by meeting all the requirements established in the Law regulating the transfer of waste (Royal Decree 180/2015). It generates and keeps updated all the documentation that guarantees and verifies the correct management. It uses the E3L language, standard language for electronic communication of environmental data. It is a waste management software especially suitable for SANDACH, waste materials governed by special laws. It generates and keeps records of hazardous and non-hazardous waste treatment contracts, shipment notifications, consignment notes and identification documents. At any time, the manager can automatically obtain a chronological file with a record of all operations.

It is an online tool, available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. It is multilingual, with options in Spanish, English and Portuguese. It is constantly updated, adjusting to changes in regulations. In addition, it guarantees an expert technical service on environmental issues.

6. Waster, a multifunctional tool to save time and improve controls.

With Waster, the company streamlines the issuance and transmission of environmental documentation. Share information in real time with commercial producers and transporters. With Waster you will be present everywhere: in the office, in the car, in the warehouse. Allows you to schedule successive waste collections, assigning each one to the available transport. It automatically generates delivery notes that are immediately sent to the administrative area, to be managed through the accounting, billing and invoicing programs.

Waster takes care of shipment notifications, waybills and transport labels. You can rest assured that all Control and Tracking documents will be up to date.

This waste management software is designed in four levels, adapting to the structure of the company: Dealer, Transfer Center, Transfer and Recovery, and Large Waste Management. All of them support a 30-day free trial. Complete and efficient, Waster gives you peace of mind that everything is in order.

7. Datadec Expert Waste, comprehensive waste management program

Expert Residuos brings together all the solutions for the waste revaluation and recycling sector. Through its Web Portal, it supports service requests and route planning. It orders and plans the operations to be performed by vehicles and assigns them predefined routes. Manages both continuous and permanent services as well as periodic services. Controls warehouses, purchases and sales. It adapts to the management of container and collector services and to the sale of recycled material; it keeps records of all of them, with a good database of customers and contracted operations.

The invoicing tools are fed by the information of the services performed, which is collected from the mobile terminals. This system avoids manual data entry when issuing invoices for collection.

Datadec Expert Waste has been designed to improve productivity throughout the waste management sector.

Tips to keep in mind when choosing a waste management program

What are the two keys to evaluating a waste management software? That it works in line with regulations and optimizes profitability.

The characteristics and volume of operations of the company will be important factors in the choice. But whatever the size, it should facilitate the control of purchases and sales, containers, vehicles and other assets. And, of course, it should enable the best quality of service to customers at the lowest possible cost.

For all these reasons, a good waste management software will enable an agile and efficient management of all the company's operations. When choosing, we suggest that you analyze the critical requirements of your company. With this list in hand, you will need to make sure that the software you choose addresses each of them. It's always good to think about competitive advantages, and those advantages are enhanced by a good waste management program.