The advantages of TMS software to optimize your supply chain

As a major strategic issue for companies, the transport function is at the center of attention for players in industry and large-scale distribution. Studies conducted by DDS Logistics, corroborated by the opinions of our customers, show the impact of digitizing a supply chain with a TMS software (the advantages of TMS).

Summary of the benefits of adopting a TMS for supply chain management

Companies are constantly looking for solutions to optimize their supply chain management.

Transport flows, warehouse management and coordination of the various players are important issues.

The TMS (Transport Management System) is a software tool for improving logistics. At DDS, the DDS Shipper TMS facilitates :
  • Route optimization for shipments
  • Efficient planning of the transport fleet (in-house or from service providers)
  • Track and trace deliveries in real time, from order to arrival at the final customer, thanks to the "Track and Trace" functionality.
  • Management of transport costs thanks to automated invoicing
  • Management of inbound flows (stocks and their inventories)
  • Good communication and collaboration with both suppliers and customers
  • Detailed analysis and reporting of supply chain and shipment performance
  • Integration with other management systems (e.g. ERP)
  • Instant compliance with the different legislations in force in the different countries of your shipment
  • Global overview and decision support in case of transport-related risks and incidents
  • Integration with data exchange platforms (Join2Ship) for automated communication with partners (service providers, customers and suppliers)
  • Simplified management of transport documents and contracts
  • And real-time management of orders and returns.

All these functionalities offer time savings and increased productivity with an interesting return on investment.

Time savings : the organizational advantage of TMS software

TMS software automates the operational management of the supply chain. Once the software is implemented in the supply chain, significant time savings can be observed.

Indeed, thanks to the TMS modules, the company benefits from very precise tracking of all its logistics performance. It thus gains in productivity and agility.

The "time-saving" modules of the TMS tool enable the company to :
  • shorten delivery times throughout its supply chain,
  • optimize routes
  • minimize waiting times for trucks and personnel
  • speed up deliveries (lead time reduction),
  • manage shipments from the warehouse to the end customer in real time,
  • reduce empty returns (order grouping, route planning, etc.),
  • optimize truck loading (facilitate the choice of carrier based on the latest documentation),
  • optimize truck loading and unloading times at the docks,
  • control risks during shipments (weather risks, road traffic risks, etc.),
  • anticipate the return of goods even before they actually return to the delivery platform,
  • automate administrative data entry (creation of shipping documents, automatic pre-invoicing, etc.).
Data is centralized throughout the entire process: from procurement to decision-making.

This new organization reduces the risk of error and is an important aid to decision making. The gain in strategic time is therefore significant.

Increased productivity: optimizing transportation management with TMS software. What are the benefits for your stakeholders?

Digitizing your supply chain with TMS software improves productivity within your company as well as with your customers and suppliers.

Customer satisfaction: the quality criterion to develop for your logistics

We live in an era where 5-star feedback is the key to any company.

The relationship with the customer and the search for full satisfaction at the end of an order are at the heart of our work as logisticians. The implementation of a TMS software has a direct impact on customer satisfaction and on the relationship with service providers. Let's see why.

Traceability of products and shipments provides accurate information on the status of orders and deliveries; customers can thus follow the status of their orders in real time, which reinforces their trust and loyalty.

In addition, route optimization reduces delivery times and contributes to customer satisfaction.

Strengthening the company/supplier relationship

The TMS software solution enhances relations with carriers: the information provided on the company's needs is detailed and instantaneous.

This makes it possible to better negotiate rates and to select carriers according to their environmental performance (interesting at a time when the CO2 target for 2030 is being met).

Improved employee well-being and productivity

The digitization of the supply chain also enables the company to improve the satisfaction of its teams.

Thanks to the TMS software, all employees use a common software. Exchanges between the various departments are smoother.

The reduction of the administrative workload is quickly noticed as soon as the tool is installed. By automating certain administrative tasks (management of transport documents, generation of performance tracking reports, pre-invoicing), the TMS changes the availability of employees.

They can thus devote more time to more value-added and less repetitive tasks. A real advantage for their professional satisfaction.

The TMS software optimizes transport planning (routing, grouping of packages, etc.). Truck drivers see their waiting times reduced*.

In addition, thanks to the Join2Ship solution, delivery information is transmitted in real time, which helps reduce the stress experienced during delivery operations.

The benefits of TMS: a return on investment from year one

The question of ROI (return on investment) is often raised as soon as a company considers digitizing its supply chain.

By using the TMS tool to optimize all the logistics flows in the warehouse, the various functionalities make it possible to obtain a return on investment (ROI) of more than 10% in the first year of use.

At DDS, our solutions bring :
  • - 10% cost reduction
  • +50% increase in productivity
  • Increased customer satisfaction
  • Significant increase in productivity within the company
  • + 100% increase in flow visibility
  • - 20% reduction in CO2 emissions
Would you like detailed information about our software solutions to improve financials and relationships with customers and service providers with a rapid return on investment? Contact us and let's discuss your project together.