7 best insurance broker software in 2022

What is insurance brokerage management software?

Insurance can be related to property, personal accident, health or business, and there are specific software or systems for these companies that can help with the organization and management, but also in other areas of the business. Some of the most common modules that can be found in insurance brokerage software are: financial administration, policies, claims, services, underwriters, business intelligence and product engineering. In addition, they can also serve as a communication channel between customers and the company to act as a sales support and answer questions and suggestions.

An insurance brokerage software is a business management tool that has all the basic functions necessary to optimally manage customers, receipts, claims, files, policies and other aspects of the insurance industry.

What features does an insurance brokerage management software have?
Although we will find some changes between paid or free software and installation on the computer or in the cloud, in most of them we can find the following common features:

Client file. In this section of the software a profile will be opened with some basic data of each client to have them organized and to access them in an agile way.

Policy file. Any insurance brokerage management software will have tools to store and categorize each policy, as well as a template that we can fill in quickly and easily with all the data of each client that has contracted one of the services, as well as the date of registration and renewal.

Collaborators file. Some insurance brokerage management software offers the possibility of adding different users to keep track of the policies that are produced, whether they are internal agents or external auxiliaries.

Claims file. The policies of our policyholders with open claims should be stored in a special section from which we can control and manage their status and resolution at a glance.
Receipts file. All insurance brokerage management software will have a place or a tool that allows us to collect all the information about taxes, consortiums and outstanding receipts with our customers, as well as payment methods and consult the status of each receipt.

TOP 7 insurance brokerage software

Below we will analyze some of the most popular software in the insurance sector:

1. MPM Insurance

This software is characterized by offering a wide coverage for all insurance mediation companies. All its customized plans are supported by professionals in the sector, with technological knowledge and the capacity to tackle integral projects.

"It is one of the largest functional coverage for insurance management processes, marketing, distribution and after-sales services."

What MPM Insurance offers us are tools divided into four main categories: ERP, with integration with insurance companies and banks, CRM, for customer service, quoting and contracting, and marketing tools. From their website you can easily distinguish solutions divided by needs or by distribution channel, so you can easily find the service you need.

2. Soft QS

This developer offers a software for brokerages called iSegur PV, which is a tool that can be accessed from anywhere and is very easy to learn to use, since it does not require previous training. With iSegur PV you can upload clients, policies, receipts, make rates and take complete control of your business agenda.

"This software allows you to work from the cloud in a completely secure way and access all your client data and services from anywhere and at any time."

The tools that stand out most about iSegur PV is a price calculator to give different product quotes to a customer. This pricing tool allows us to compare between a wide range of companies to find the one that best suits the needs of our customers and can easily transfer their data from one to another whenever we want.

3. Ebroker

Ebroker is a highly specialized software for insurance companies that helps with the administration of clients, policies, receipts, claims and all associated business processes. In addition, it is also an information exchange system between insurers for the integration of business processes in real time.

"It is a tool that has Business Intelligence, with dashboard indicators, dashboards and segmentation for daily data analysis that is handled and stored in your business."

Ebroker has some interesting commercial management tools, such as CRM strategies, campaigns and offers to optimize the relationship with captured and potential customers. In addition, it has an Expert Advisor Professional System (SEAP) that helps to establish budgets and particular discounts to get the best offer for the customer.

4. Mediator

The best thing about Mediator is that it is a software that can be perfectly adapted to insurance brokerages, private brokers, insurance agents, collaborators and insurance producers.

"Mediator has a Conexmed module that allows you to create each database with the profile of each client automatically by simply providing the application with the corresponding files."

This software is also compatible with most trusted insurance companies in the market and with a CRM module for clients policies, claims and agenda. The best thing is that you don't have to contract a monthly service, just pay for the options your business needs, and with specialized support technicians for free consultations at any time.


TE-SIS has 25 years of experience in the insurance sector and has been supported by constant updates and improvements since 2004. In addition, it stands out for offering personalized attention to all its customers and user support with a short response time, with a follow-up of each step to ensure the best experience and results.

"This tool stands out for being powerful, modern and intuitive, with remarkable value for money, in addition to TE-SIS' strong commitment to all the companies it works with."

This management software for insurance brokerages, brokers, mediators and agents provides efficient and flexible coverage for the day-to-day tasks of the insurance industry. Regardless of its structure and size, the program can be perfectly adapted to all agents in the brokerage industry.

6. SegurLIF

SegurLIF is an insurance brokerage management software developed by LIF Sistemas since 1998. It is a tool that gathers all the needs and requirements of a business in the insurance sector to offer a global and customized solution.

"One of the things that stand out about SegurLIF is that it is constantly being updated to adapt to the new demands and trends in the insurance sector."

This tool offers the security of being completely up to date with current regulations in terms of data protection and insurance mediation. It has different payment plans that adapt to agents and brokers up to large brokerages, with functions and tools for managing clients and entities, insurance companies, proposals and policies, claims, receipts and document management.

7. OpenFarm

This developer has created, together with the insurance agency BlueCover, a simple and powerful complete management platform for insurance agencies: OpenFarm. This tool stands out for being flexible, agile and focused on improving the productivity and efficiency of any insurance agency.

"This platform has two available modalities: one for small and medium-sized agencies with up to 5 employees, and another one for large agencies with no limit of employees."

It is a 100% cloud-based platform that requires no installation or server maintenance costs, in addition to being able to make copies of data whenever you need it. It has a CRM functionality to manage clients, policies, receipts and claims, and a data migration service from the program you are using at the time.

Advantages of using insurance brokerage software

By being able to have all the information about customers, services and sales statistics in one place and with automated processes and calculations, a management software will allow us to increase the productivity of our business.

It helps us to keep a precise and updated follow-up of all the tasks that are carried out on a daily basis, such as new clients, who makes policies and scheduled actions.

It facilitates the search for information by having it all collected in one place and perfectly categorized.

The analysis and accounting tools integrated in most of these software will help to elaborate performance reports and conclusions to be able to draw a strategy to increase profits and growth.

How to Choose Insurance Brokerage Software

Each insurance company has unique needs and particularities that will make one software and not another more effective. However, there is one piece of advice that can help all of them.

Opting for a specific software with a CRM module is very interesting to create a direct communication channel with our customers and to improve their experience, while offering them more personalized products and services. In addition, they can also serve as a marketing channel when we want to carry out promotional campaigns and also as a way for after-sales service, which will help to build loyalty after the contract.