SDS: Essentials on NetApp OnTap Select

NetApp OnTap Select is the new name of NetApp's OnTap virtual appliance that enables a company to deploy the equivalent of a NetApp FAS array as a virtual appliance. Launched on the release of OnTap 9 in the summer of 2016, OnTap Select is a super-powered version of the old Data OnTap Edge software appliance that implements most of OnTap's modern capabilities under the cloud. form of a virtual machine for VMware vSphere ESXi.

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The main innovation introduced by OnTap Select is the ability to deploy cluster configurations of up to 4 software appliances and HA support (allowing a pair of software appliances to protect each other). This breakthrough allows for large-scale production deployments of OnTap Select configurations without having to acquire physical bays.

With OnTap Select, it is now possible to build a virtual cluster FAS that can handle a few terabytes of data up to 400 TB (100 TB per appliance in cluster mode).

All services in a cluster FAS array

The OnTap Select Appliance provides the full range of data services in a traditional FAS array and in particular services like NetApp Snapshot, SnapMirror, and SnapVault. As on the FAS and AFF arrays, the data compression and deduplication are also at the rendezvous.

NetApp offers OnTap Select in two versions. The first, called standard, requires 4 vCPU, 16 GB of RAM per virtual appliance and supports between 8 and 24 hard disks per VM. The second, called premium, requires 8 vCPU, 64 GB of RAM and supports between 8 and 24 SSD disks and hard disks. Note that to work, OnTap Select requires at least servers with Intel Xeon E5v3 and vSphere ESXi 5.5 chips in Enterprise or Enterprise Plus.